Collection of account receivables

The high level of outstandings always means a financial burden for the client. We offer a service of cash collection based on our long-term experience. We’ve been a professional partner for local and international companies in terms of cash collection. Our specialists have knowledges of a business enviroment in a region of Central and Eastern Europe and knowledges of economical factors which influence the payment ability. We work with information provided by respected credit rating agencies, and we are able to specify risks and to find solutions.


  • We offer swift evaluation of the clients potential partners what helps to focus on reliable customers.
  • We help to reduce the business risk and improve the cash position what increases the client’s credit rating.
  • We take over time-consuming and unfavourable procedures what helps the client to focus on his key business activities.
  • The external cash collection speeds up payment habits.
  • We reduce the risk of losing a business partner in a case of payment problems.
  • The successful cash collection improves the cash flow and return on investments.