Terminal access

This form is suitable for bigger companies having sufficient technical support, who needs all the information on-line available. There are two possible ways of this service:

  • One of our accountants is allowed to access the client’s ERP system, what enables continuous maintenance of client’s data, which are available on client’s server. We don’t require a conformity with our ERP system, our accountants are ready to use any kind of ERP system. The client is responsible for technical maintenance of his ERP system, updates and back up.
  • The client is accessing our server where he access to our system POHODA 2009 SQL. This also enalbles continuous availability of on-line data. Advantage of this system is that we are responsible for maintenance, updates and back up of the ERP system. Disadvantage can be a higher price (which includes the data maintenance expenses) and request of purchasing the terminal access to our server and ERP system. But that is still much lower investment than purchase of any kind of ERP system.